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Welcome to this brief, two-millisecond, abridged, abbreviated, quick and to-the-point summary and tour of the modern world.

The captain has texted himself over and we will be getting underway ASAP. Please be advised we will be traveling at a hundred times the high-speed of the web using the latest in fiber-optic communication and the Pentium hyper-processor Mark 237 guaranteed to far out-pace the Mark 236.5  in unprecedented mind-bending swiftness of information transferred directly and with tremendous velocity to your brain.

We will be visiting a drive-thru and then past all of the world's magnificent wonders accomplished in regal breathtaking splendor by both humankind and nature.

They will be momentarily available as long as you look up from your iPhone in time. You can then take a picture, describe it in no more than 140 characters and/or check-in there with the word "woot."

Please fasten your safety belt and ensure that the person you briefly met, got engaged to and married in a 20-second conversation during a speed-date is still there and hasn't divorced you at which is always available for a quick and easy dissolution.

4 ur saf-T & con V nyance, pls txt 63457 & let R 2 a10dents no U R dyng. Pls txt  LOL or ROFLMOA or ROFLMAOACBFLAMOJLOL if U ws jus kidin. Tks. 

If there are any questions, please email them yesterday. In the event of a blindingly fast and unexpectedly sudden water-landing, please note the emergency exits placed in convenient, easily accessible positions but remember only the fastest will survive. 
I have been informed by the captain that we were ready to get underway 7.8 seconds ago and we apologize for the delay. Now please hurry and take your Ritalin in order to quickly enjoy the unparalleled beauty of our modern planet as we begin our tour.

Thank you. We hope you enjoyed it and will fly with Didn't C It Airlines again in the near and rapid future. Please be sure you have your belongings and, as you exit, please do not attempt to look around, make small-talk or try to get to know, argue with or make love to anyone who is not online with you. 

There are other people waiting, we need to turn this tour over and there simply is never enough time. 


​                                                   PIPELINES

                        It’ll be coming through pipeline when it comes
                        All the mass destruction that they have caused
                     No more fresh water to drink, no more air to breathe
                       Just for a little bit of money and whole lot of greed

                               We stand on a rock with our fellow man
                           Trying to stop the contamination of our lands
                          But they push forward, refusing our demands
                              Because humanity was not in their plans

                        It’ll be coming through the pipeline when it comes
                          The thick stench of death that they have caused
                      No more pike in the Cannonball, no pipits in the trees
                          Just for padded pockets of the one percent elite

                                 We stand on a rock with our fellow man
                            Trying to stop the contamination of our lands
                            But they push forward, refusing our demands
                                 Because humanity was not in their plans

                        It’ll be coming through the pipeline when it comes
                           The downfall of society that they have caused
                          No more sounds of music, no more curtain calls
                 Because blood is thicker than water but oil is thickest of all.
                    Submitted by and copyright Moon Man​​

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