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       REBUTTAL TO "TRANSGENDER EDUCATION IS NOT A                                     SUBJECT FOR YOUNG KIDS"


    By Stanley Lewis

    After reading Mr. Smuskiewicz's piece in the January edition of the Intersections
    regarding education for transgender and LGBQ kids, I felt compelled to
    respond to the points he made.
    Mr. Smuskiewicz wrote:

    "The general public—even a crowd of horny drunken hetero guys—can be
     more open-minded and accepting than it is generally given credit for.”

     He obviously went to a place where people knew him. He was dressed
     as a women on Halloween with his girlfriend. I wonder how many of those
    “accepting people" knew that he dressed up as a woman at other times too?
     At those times if he were to go out on the town, I'm sure it would only be to
     the gay bars where he knows he'll be safe.

     I think Mr. Smuskiewicz knows he has to “play it safe.” 
     He wouldn’t go to a straight bar dressed in women’s clothes where he
     is not known. Let’s not assume that a crowd of horny drunken
     hetero guys will be accepting of just any trans woman (or cross dressing
     man) who happens in their midst, especially if the person in their midst
     is a black, trans woman. Chances are high that, unless she passes as
     female, she will be harassed at best and beaten or, as has been shown
     time and again, brutally murdered.

     It’s why we need community. There is safety in numbers and, yes, Mr. Smuskiewicz is a part of our community.

     His experience has him thinking differently than something he believes represents the opinion of the mainstream LGBTQ community (as                   interpreted by the mainstream media apparently).

     He adds "One such issue is education about LGBTQ subject matter in kindergarten and elementary school. I believe that there are                               complexities to this issue that are often ignored by LGBTQ advocates and the mass media.”

     He is completely ignoring the fact that there are transgender children in kindergarten and elementary school.

     He talks about men who want to dress as women (not that there is anything wrong with that) while those of us in the LGBTQ community are
     mostly NOT talking about that for multi-factorial reasons. But what about trans women who were assigned male at birth and trans men who           were assigned female at birth? Professional entertainers or drag queens, while part of our community, are not always gay or bisexual,

     If a person's gender expression is unclear, the right thing to do is to ask with which pronouns they would like to be referred to. The                             mainstream media sometimes will refer to a person with the pronouns they have requested and sometimes not. Their bias becomes known.
     An example is Chelsea Manning. She was identified by male pronouns because of presentation and assumption of gender. Manning began               transition while incarcerated and asked to be referred to as she. Some media outlets honored this request and some didn’t.

     But times are changing.

     When Mr. Smuskiewicz says he "speaks from personal experience", he extrapolates upon society as a whole and blames a political left!
     I do agree with him that Capitalists will seize upon absolutely anything and wrest as much money out of it as possible. Nothing is sacred.
     Sacred to him seems to be that there are the binaries only of “boy”, “girl”, “man”, “woman”. But he ignores sex transition and homosexuality in         reptiles, fish, microbes, and mammals.

     Absolute gender norms are taught by society and that starts when the human being is taken from the womb and a declaration of gender is
     made. The human being is then swaddled in the “appropriate” color for the sex; pink, blue, and yellow for the daring, and down the chute this         person goes – taught boy things or girl things as the moment of birth dictates.
     Instead, isn’t it time to start listening?  The majority of the time everything matches up but that’s not always the case. Age appropriate                       education is therefore critical. It has to be done not just for the majority but for the gender and sexual minority little girl or boy
     who is learning about themselves.
     Why would we steer this child into a chute they don’t belong?

     Mr. Smuskiewicz concludes “I believe that my own temporary middle-aged gender dysphoria, or gender confusion, was caused by propaganda       from the mass media and pop culture and by therapists who were more befuddled than I was. It kills me now to see similar confusion being             purposefully foisted on little kids in the public-school system.”

     Sir, it literally kills the kids who are a gender or sexual minority. They do exist, so have some empathy!

     Can the education be done more appropriately? Obviously yes. The examples he cites show that much more education is required for teachers
     and parents. But let’s take it out of the political realm and change society for the better together. Hopefully the end result will be a
     congruent, self-accepting human being no matter what age.


    My connection to the LGBTQ community came about from my occasional crossdressing, which led me into gay bars and to making personal            contacts that I would not have ordinarily made. I do not consider myself gay or transgender. I crossdress just for fun and I’m heterosexual. In          fact, this Halloween night, I dressed as a stripper and went with my dancer girlfriend to Scores, a strip club in Stone Park. We                                        both know people there. I became the first crossdresser ever to be allowed  to pole-dance on stage at the club.
      I even got $31 in tips thrown at me as I danced to Rob Zombie’s “Dragula”!

      The general public—even a crowd of horny drunken hetero guys—can be more open-minded and accepting than it is generally given credit for.
      I share this story because it probably suggests why I tend to look at certain LGBTQ  issues differently than most members of the LGBTQ                    community. I strongly support gay and transgender people in their quests to live free, happy, and fulfilling lives. Yet, I find that when it comes          to a number of controversial, politically charged issues, my views and those of the typical  gay or transgender person differ.

      One such issue is education about LGBTQ subject matter in kindergarten and elementary school. I believe that there are complexities to this            issue that are often ignored by LGBTQ advocates and the mass media.

      Multifaceted transgenderism
      Watching or reading the majority of mass-media reports on what is called “transgenderism,” one would never know that this is a very                        multifaceted issue. The media never informs the public that men have different reasons for dressing like women.

      The simplified reports never note that although some genetic males genuinely identify as female, others (like me) simply dress up for fun or            sexual arousal.

      The implication of the media reports is that any man wearing a dress is “transgender,” should be called “she,” and should be allowed to use t=          the women’s restroom. Well, although Scores let me dance like a woman on stage, they also made me use the men’s room. And I was fine with        that.

      Because I am a man. A man who likes to wear dresses and skirts.

      Another simplified part of the LGBTQ media narrative is the idea that transgenderism is something people are always born with—and                        something you know even when you’re a very young child. So, a little five-year-old “transgender” boy is supposedly capable of already knowing        for sure that he is really a girl.

      This supposition—promoted by many psychiatrists in the increasingly profitable gender-identity industry—ignores the fact that the very young        brain and its sexual and gender centers are still developing neurologically, and that concepts of sexuality and gender are also related to                    personal experiences that will happen later in life. The supposition further ignores the fact that, in many cases, the strong desire for dressing          or living as the opposite sex does not arise until later in life, maybe not until middle age. Many middle-aged men who enjoy wearing women's          clothes may find themselves still confused regarding their gender identity. If a middle-aged man can still be confused over such things, how            can a young child be expected to know?

     I speak, again, from personal experience. I was confused about this matter for many years, mainly when I was in my 30s and 40s. My life-long         enjoyment of women’s clothes combined with my exposure to media and pop-cultural propaganda to make me think for a while that I was               transsexual. Thankfully, I never made the mistakes of starting hormones or subjecting myself to surgery—the way one of my therapists was             trying to convince me to do. Unfortunately, many other confused men have made such life-altering mistakes.

     Nevertheless, recent history indicates that when the cultural warriors of the Left seize upon an issue, they do not concern themselves with               such troubling intricacies or complexities. Rather, they use their firm control of most of the reigns of Western culture to ram their simplified             solutions to social woes into every nook and cranny of society.
     Culture warriors in school
     Perhaps the most unethical recent move of the progressive warriors has been to convince local school boards to indoctrinate kindergarten and       early elementary school children about transgenderism. About how being a “boy” or a “girl” is not a set physical reality, but rather a “social               construct” and a flexible option for anyone and everyone. This propaganda is being taught in more and more schools in the United States and         Europe. The LGBTQ movement is taking a very complex sexual/gender condition that affects a tiny percentage of the population and using it to       proselytize their progressive gospel to children who are too young to understand any sexuality, much less the unusual concept of                               transsexuality. Although the progressives think they are educating, they are actually just confusing.

     In August 2017, parents in Rocklin, California, expressed their anger at the local school board regarding a teacher who read books about                   transgenderism to her kindergarten students and had the class watch as one boy changed his clothes to those of a girl. The teacher explained t       that the clothes-changing child was “transitioning” from one gender to the other. Many of the parents were upset that their children came               home from school “very confused, about whether or not you can pick your gender, whether or not they really were a boy or a girl.” The parents       were also upset that they were not told about the activity in advance. As one mother said, “It’s really about the parents being informed and               involved and giving us the choice and rights of what’s being introduced to our kids, and at what age.”

     The Rocklin school board sided with the teacher and brushed off the parents’ complaints, no doubt viewing them as ignorant and prejudiced.         The board could also point to California state law that does not allow parents to be warned ahead of time or to opt out of “instruction” about           gender identity or sexual orientation. Such assaults on parental rights are frequently occurring in many other schools, school boards, and                 legislatures across the United States, Canada, and Europe. The ignoring and belittling of parents with traditional values is on wide display and         protected by the all-powerful state. If your kid can deal with the confusing instruction, good for him or her. If not, then that’s his or her                       problem—and your problem.

     Education or confusion?

     In June 2017, British academic Joanna Williams, author of Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity, made the following politically incorrect           points about the confusing nature of transgender education in the United Kingdom. I believe these same points could apply to the United                 States:
                       “We are increasingly reminded that schools are struggling financially. Yet the time, effort and money that goes into
                        producing and monitoring transgender policies is out of all proportion to the tiny number of trans children currently
                        in … schools. Research suggests that just one percent of the population experience gender issues. … Although the
                        number of transgender children is small, it is growing rapidly. Children, encouraged by their experiences at school,
                        are beginning to question their gender identity at ever younger ages. In doing more than just supporting transgender
                        children, and instead sowing confusion about gender identity, schools do neither boys nor girls any favors.”
     Williams and some other observers point out what should be obvious: there is a big difference between treating children who have gender               dysphoria or gender identity disorder and actually causing gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder in previously well-adjusted children. I         believe that my own temporary middle-aged gender dysphoria, or gender confusion, was caused by propaganda from the mass media and             pop culture and by therapists who were more befuddled than I was. It kills me now to see similar confusion being purposefully foisted on little       kids in the public-school system.

     Sexuality and transsexuality are important human and social issues. But these are not subjects to force into the simple, innocent minds of pre-       pubescent children. They are subjects that individuals should confront beginning in their pubescent or teen years, when the vast majority of           people are first beginning to develop sexual feelings and to understand the significance of gender expression. When this subject matter is               finally presented to these older students, it should be presented in all of its complexity (which the older kids should be able to comprehend             fairly well), rather than its mass-media simplification. And the information should also be presented free from political advocacy.
     Education should result in enlightenment, not bewilderment. And topics of education should be presented at ages in which they can most               appropriately be comprehended. There is a time and place for everything—for young boys and girls to learn about transgenderism, and maybe       even for an old crazy guy to dance in a sequin corset and ruffled miniskirt in a strip club!

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